Playable Creatures Documentation

How to create your Creature and level it up

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Show the community your Tattoo or Unique snakes using the command /mysnake.

Share your newly created snakes with the community using the command /mystics.

Create custom snakes by combining a female and a male snake using the command /create-snake or by clicking the ‘Create new Snake’ button.

Begin the incubation process for your creature using the command /start-incubation.

Evolve your creature using the command after level 20 or 50 /evolve.

Level up your creature by fighting other players using the command /fight.

Complete quests to level up your creature using the command /doquest.

Select your creature for the fight area using the command /select.

Equip items in slots 1-3 using the commands /selectitem1-3.

Check your equipped items using the command /myselecteditems-3.

Check your blue essences balance using the command /mybalance.

Check your remaining daily fighting tokens using the command /mytokens.

Buy a box to acquire rare items using the command /buybox.

For information on how to obtain or activate a snakepass, use the command /info-snakepass.

Remove your wallet address from the database using the command /deletewallet.”

You can activate your Snake Pass by using the command /activate-snakepass. Upgrade your breeding experience, join the Snake Pass today!

To use these commands you need to earn Discord Cash in our Server

“Collect your role-based income using the command !collect-income. Note that you can purchase better income roles in the shop.

Earn money by working hard with the command !work which has no chance of getting fined.

Earn quick cash by using the command !slut.

Earn a higher payout but with more risk by committing a crime using the command !crime.

Attempt to rob another user’s cash balance with the command !rob @Username. Note that you will not be able to rob their bank balance.”

How to buy items in the shop

Check your balance in the Snake Shop using the command !balance. If you have enough funds, you can purchase items such as an egg using the command !buy egg. Once you have purchased an item, you can use it by using the command !use egg.

To view all the items in your inventory, use the command !inventory.

“See all available items in the shop by using the command !shop.

How to Create a new Creature?

“In order to create a new snake, you must have at least 5 snakes in your wallet. Once you have the required number of snakes, use the command /create-snake and select a female and a male snake from your inventory. Note that you will need at least one female and one male snake in order to create a new snake.”

Fight area

 use the command /fight to fight other players in the snake metaverse

Main Menu for all usefull commands

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