Snake NFTs Mint a Tattoo Snake


Tattoo Snake Capsule: 0.015 ETH


Membercards limited to 100!

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Snake NFTs is a ERC721A collection of 3,000 unique NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Tattoo Snakes and Unique Snakes are coming directly to the Metaverse! These are 2 collections that each have 1500 NFTs. All of them are 1:1 pieces and unique. On the mint day you can choose your side. Will you go for the tattoo side or the unique side?

  • By owning 5 Snakes you get a free VIP-Membercard Airdrop, with that you have access to the VIP-section of our Discord and through that you can create even more Snakes completly for free! Join our discord and lets grow the SnakeTown!
  • Join our Discord based game and let your snakes grow! Help your snake to get out of the capsule!

All Images have the CC1 Standard, so feel free to use your bought NFTs!


[SOLD OUT!] FREE MINT: 20-21 November – Only for Whitelist

[CURRENT] Pre-Sale: 27. November – 500 NFTs for 0,0085 ETH

Public Sale 04 December – 2.400 NFTs for 0,015 ETH

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